Frequently Asked Questions

  • MOBIUS can only pay for 1/2 of a hotel room for each guest. This means that if you do not share a room with another attendee, you are responsible for paying the other half which is $42.50 (not including applicable taxes and fees) (Total cost for a room is $85 (not including applicable taxes and fees)).
  • The meals at the conference will be pretty substantial, but you will most likely want to bring a little extra cash for snacks and other extras.
  • You'll want to have some dough for after-hours things.

Need something official to be reimbursed for your expenses?

The conference rate at the Capitol Plaza is $85 per night (not including applicable taxes and fees). The dates for the conference are June 3rd, 4th, 5th.

What should sponsors (vendors) know?


Here are the important dates/times for our supporters who will be setting up a booth at the conference:

  • Monday 2pm-7pm : Setup
  • Tuesday 8:00am-4:00pm : Exhibits
  • Tuesday 4:00pm : Teardown

Vendor booths are a 6 foot table (draped and skirted), two chairs, a trash can, power and WiFi.

How do I sponsor the MOBIUS Annual Conference?

A good place to start is the sponsor sign up form!