Dine Arounds!

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Last year was such a hit we are upping the restaurant count! Instead of only 4, Innovative is providing shuttle busses to 6 local restaurants! Each of the restaurants will have a host - one of our keynote speakers who will also be starting the day's sessions on Tuesday, and because we have more restaurants than keynotes, a couple of the Innovative staff will be joining us.

Bleu /w Bonnie Tijerina

An eclectic menu with plenty of American favorites plus cocktails & wine in an upscale setting.

Broadway Brewery /w Jason Griffey

Low-key atmosphere for house-brewed ales, a diverse pub menu & occasional live music.

11Eleven /w Steven Nielsen

11Eleven is the newest fine dining restaurant in Columbia, Missouri. Our dishes give a fun, innovative twist to classic cuisines and you won't leave disappointed! Whether you are into health food, snacks, or gourmet food all the way, we’ve got something to tickle your palate. Stay in and use our in-room dining service, check out the onsite restaurant, or unwind with after-dinner drinks at the bar.

Glenn's Cafe /w Kimberly Sweetman

Cajun, Creole, American, we really don’t like to limit ourselves. Our roots are firmly in New Orleans but Glenn’s menu is a little piece of Southern Americana wrapped up in a Midwest comfort food tradition. From our slow cooked seasoned prime rib cooked daily to seafood gumbo and blackened redfish, there really is something for all tastes at Glenn’s.

Room 38 /w Tim Auger

Clubby hub offering an eclectic dinner menu with international flavors, plus a busy bar scene. (editor’s note: Probably not so busy on a Monday in June!)

Umbria /w Char Booth

Umbria Rustic Italian restaurant pays homage to its namesake, the beautiful region of Umbria in central Italy. As a region unique to itself that borders neither the sea nor another country, Umbria relies on its rich farmland for its simple cuisine based on Italy’s old world traditions. Today in Umbria, ribbons of fresh pasta are still made by hand, only local meats are cured, and meals center around the abundant produce from the land…simple, fresh, delicious.