Any Excuse for a Pizza Party!: Using Sierra as the Vehicle for a Circulation Training Refresher

Truman B
I can use the Podium PC (with Windows)

Whether it is during a reference interaction or a circulation transaction, the Rockhurst University Library is committed to high-quality customer service. The library employs various tools, such as online application forms, training, online support and on-the-job guidance in order to hold circulation assistants to certain professional standards. It can be difficult, however, to oversee all of the student assistants given erratic work times and minimal work hours. Like other MOBIUS libraries, the Rockhurst University Library transitioned from Millennium to Sierra in February. The migration to Sierra provided an opportunity to show off the new interface, while also being able to address bad habits in a meaningful setting. This presentation covers low-cost training techniques for engaging student assistant employees, as well as evaluation and follow-up training ideas.