Books as social media: Using the library brand to make connections

Jefferson C
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Most people think of books when they think of libraries. Thus, books are a recognizable library brand. At Maryville University—Saint Louis, we are leveraging the library brand to promote the library and the university. The library is active in or has initiated the following programs relating to books, boosting library recognition: Hot Reads, the library book club, Maryville Reads, Maryville Talks Books, the St. Louis Speakers Series campus visits, and the all faculty book group.
If you love books, you have the opportunity to become a leader beyond your library at your university, in your community, your church or local organization. Librarians have skills to organize book clubs and lead book discussions. You can easily learn about books and publishing through reading book reviews, meeting authors and obtaining free books.
Through the use of books the library has made connections throughout the university with staff and faculty in the three schools and the college, Multicultural Programming, the Writing Center, the Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience, Institutional Advancement and the Center for Teaching and Learning. Beyond the university, we have made connections with staff at an independent bookstore, at the local higher education channel and at the local public radio station. And nationally, we have made connections with book- loving librarians, authors and publishers.
At Maryville University, book and author initiatives have enhanced student learning, promoted the library, encouraged donor cultivation and increased institutional presence in the community.
Through similar programs at your university or your personal life, you have the opportunity to encourage others to enjoy books and make your own connections at your university or in your community.