Creating a Lab-Based Course for Use of Information Resources

Truman B
I will use my Windows laptop

Many of the elements in a credit-bearing course for information resources do not lend themselves to a lecture-based format. While a completely online course may not be practical for learning library skills, a combination of lecture, online materials, and in-class exercises can take the place of a more traditional classroom format. At Truman State University, we have spent the last year adapting our Use of Information Resources course to involve less lecture time and more hands-on activities. This presentation will detail the path of this transition (which is still very much a work in progress) toward our ultimate goal of creating a “flipped classroom”: an environment in which students absorb instruction through online materials prior to a class session and then use these concepts for more in-depth exercises during class (with an instructor present for assistance). This will include demonstrations of SoftChalk, a learning content authoring tool which can be used on its own or integrated into a learning management system.