Home Grown: What is the Future of Locally Developed Library Systems, Software, and Hardware?

Truman C
I will use my Windows laptop

Over the decades, librarians have ridden a love-hate roller coaster regarding locally designed, built, and maintained information systems, software, and hardware. (In a parallel universe, we have ridden an inversely similar love-hate roller coaster regarding vendor-designed, built, and maintained systems, software, and hardware.) This session will explore -- at a fairly high level, but with specific examples -- the recent past and foreseeable future of locally created stuffed used by libraries and library users. The advantages and disadvantages of going the home grown route will be noted, as well as environmental trends that may be pushing us collectively toward even more or perhaps less locally created stuff. Crowdsourcing will be examined as a new strain of home grown flora. This session will conclude with some recommendations on how libraries -- individually and collectively -- can effectively cultivate locally grown systems, software, and hardware in ways that benefit and nourish all (except, perhaps, the vendors).