Let's move the cheese

Jefferson B
I can use the Podium PC (with Windows)
Kat Barden

Sometimes the mice move, I mean students' habits change, so you have to move the cheese! Are you caught in a maze of lending, marketing, and organization that result in ever shrinking circulation numbers? There is a way to turn that statistical frown upside down. Using integrated marketing techniques that are not new, but just might be new to libraries, you can brand and broaden your "collection" to include services and outside resources using your outreach efforts as your marketing tool. With integrative marketing/programming strategies ... Academic libraries are interdisciplinary bridges! Public Libraries are the community's family room! Let's think together about what we have, what we do, and how we can leverage it to increase our facility's value to its parent organization/patron bases. You too can hear, "it's one of my favorite things, I wait for it all semester!" about your library programs. BYOC (bring your own crackers) because we're going to make our patrons smile and say, "Cheese!" http://prezi.com/8-fvggnlls9v/lets-move-the-cheese/