Making the Numbers Speak: Creating an Annual Statistical Report for Washington University Libraries

Jefferson B
I can use the Podium PC (with Windows)
Carol Mollman, Assessment Coordinator, Washington University Libraries
Stephanie Atkins, Head of Access, Washington University Libraries
Kate Sathi, Library Supervisor, Acquisitions Dept.
Shannon Showers, Digital Projects Librarian

Like most libraries, Washington University Libraries collects enormous amounts of data. Organizing, analyzing and communicating that data can be a real challenge. The Annual Statistical Report project was developed in order to help us organize, and think differently about our data. In this presentation, we will discuss the process of gathering and sorting the data for the annual report, and how the team used graphs, charts and infographics to analyze and communicate the data. We will also talk about the lessons learned, and what we expect to change in the next round.

Copies of the Annual Statistical Report will be available at the session, with a link to the online document.