Meeting Some Library Facility Challenges

Jefferson A
I will use my Windows laptop

This session considers a range of factors relevant not only to library facilities planning for construction or renovation, but also to any contemplation of different furnishings or other changes that are supposed to improve library facilities for the various people that use them. An architect may focus more on a dramatic element such as a soaring skylight than on custodians' daily routines. An interior designer may be more attuned to uniform lines and certain colors than to patrons’ and particularly students’ diverse preferences. A librarian may understand patterns of foot traffic and how they can be affected by queues of patrons or the arrival of a big delivery, but what about season of the year, time of the day, and every weather condition? A case study selectively will illustrate with many visuals a mix of both standard and unconventional ideas, as well as some stunning surprises in one library’s renovation, expansion, and subsequent operation and development.