Readers’ Advisory and Promotion of Recreational Reading in an Academic Library. Part 1.

Truman A
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Bianca Ray, Circulation Coordinator, Lindenwood University

Do your students ask where your fiction section is or where your novels are? Are your patrons asking what they should read over break? In the past couple of years, Butler Library at Lindenwood University realized a need for reader’s advisory services and recreational reading materials for our community. We will share how we have begun to meet this need and the possibilities we have of meeting this need in the future. Throughout, we will offer an abundance of ideas to provide readers’ advisory services and promote recreational reading in your academic library. We will also encourage others in attendance to share how their libraries have provided these services as well. We are calling our session “Part 1” because we hope to revisit this topic in 2-3 years and share the outcome and findings of our ideas as we implement them, especially as we strive to incorporate ebooks and downloadable audiobooks in our recreational reading and readers’ advisory services.