Stu-jitsu: The Gentle Art of Supervising Student Workers

Truman B
I can use the Podium PC (with Windows)

The hiring, training, supervising and retention of student workers are lynchpins in the successful delivery of services in an academic library regardless of the size of the library and its parent institution. Yet how often are these student worker processes given their due attention and time? How can you optimize your efforts to make your student workers are a value added work force and not just warm bodies that get tasks done in a just acceptable fashion? How can you train your students to learn multiple technologies even as they change such as the transition from Millennium to Sierra? How do you interact with your student workers in a way that is fun, formal and helps prepare them for the working world? With almost nine years of supervising student workers at three different universities, I will share my methods, philosophies and models that have helped me in all of these contexts.